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Island Chain

13th May—16th May 2021
Island Chain is a group exhibition of some relevant artists* of Archipel arts workplace. They exhibit their work in relation to the raw former cattle halls and the outdoor areas at the former slaughterhouse site at ‘Den Dam’ in Antwerp-Noord.

Their works are like a chain of islands that are teaming together on the dilapidated architecture of the site. The synergy of this special group of artists creates an eclectic exhibition, which weaves a whimsical tale through the past, present and future of this place. It accentuates the emptiness of the set-aside land, the colorful berms, the concrete halls and the abandoned frigo’s with meat hooks. The environment inspires the artist and the works strengthen the environment, let yourself be guided from island to island in this great sea of lost history.

*Bram Rombouts, Ann Bevers, Siege Dehing, James Lethbridge, Sabbo Verleye, Adam Hartnell, OOOOO, Dimi, Mellunman,
Lila Thielemans (Meshikhte), Locuratolo, Sem De Meulenaer,  Rex Tee


29th-30th April 2021

point of no return

15th April 2021

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